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Xu Wang (王旭)

Associate Professor
The Institute of Advanced Computing Technology
Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Big Data and Brain Computing
School of Software & School of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University
Address: New Main Building G521, 37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100191, China
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Research Directions: Software Engineering (SE) and Machine Learning (ML)
Research Interests: ML methods for critical SE tasks, and SE approaches for ML-based intelligent systems.
Current Students:
     Xiangxin Meng (Ph.D., co-advised with Prof. Xudong Liu)
     Hongwei Yu (Ph.D.)
     Jinghao Wang (Ph.D., co-advised with Prof. Chunming Hu and Tianyu Wo)
     Jiarui Li (Ph.D., co-advised with Prof. Chunming Hu)
     Jiacheng Wu (Ph.D.)
     Shaoxiao Lu (Master)
     Kejun Chen (Master)
     Zheng Guan (Master)
     Zhiming Yan (Master)
     Dihao Fan (Master)
     Xueying Xiong (Master)
     Yue Wang (Master)
     Guangzu Wang (Master, co-advised with Prof. Xudong Liu)
     Mingming Zhang (Master)
     Cheng Shu (Master)
     Xiangyi Sima (Master)
Recruitment: (A/B, where B means the quota and A means the occupied number. For more information, please contact me by email.)
     Master (3/4 in CS or SE, 2023.9)
     Ph.D. (2/3 in SE, 2023.9)
     Postdoc (0/2-3 in SE, 2023, Competitive Salery: 30w+RMB per year)
Working closely with: Yu Tang (Ph.D. 2017, Beihang University) and Minzhi Yan (Ph.D. 2016, HuaWei)
Former Students with First Employment: Yanfei Tian (Master 2019, Tencent), Qilin Zhou (Master 2019, Renmin University of China), Le Zhao (Master 2020, AVIC)
     Kaixuan Wang(Master 2021, Tencent), Yuntao Liu (Master 2021, Bytedance),Yuancai Huang (Master 2022, Kuaishou), Hao Yan (Master 2022, Alibaba)
     Zhuo Huang (Master 2022, Alibaba), Jian Zhang (Ph.D. 2022, Postdoc in Nanyang Technological University)

Education and Work Experience

Associate Professor, Beihang University, 2021-Now
Assistant Professor, Beihang University, 2015-2021
Visiting Scholar, University of Chicago, 2016-2017 (Prof. Shan Lu's group)
Ph.D., Beihang University, 2008-2015 (Advisor: Prof. Jinpeng Huai)
B.Eng., Beihang University, 2004-2008 (Golden Medal 10/3500, the highest honor of undergraduate students in Beihang University)


Selected Publications

-Xiangxin Meng, Xu Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Hailong Sun, Xudong Liu and Chunming Hu. Template-based Neural Program Repair. ICSE '23 (accepted).
-Xiangxin Meng, Xu Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Hailong Sun and Xudong Liu. Improving Fault Localization and Program Repair with Deep Semantic Features and Transferred Knowledge. ICSE '22.
-Jian Zhang, Xu Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Hailong Sun, Yanjun Pu and Xudong Liu. Learning to Handle Exceptions. ASE '20.
-Jian Zhang, Xu Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Hailong Sun and Xudong Liu. Retrieval-based Neural Source Code Summarization. ICSE '20.
-Jian Zhang, Xu Wang, Hongyu Zhang, Hailong Sun, Kaixuan Wang and Xudong Liu. A Novel Neural Source Code Representation based on Abstract Syntax Tree.In Proceedings of the 41st International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE '19), 783-794, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 25-31, 2019
-Yanfei Tian, Xu Wang, Hailong Sun, Yi Zhao, Chunbo Guo and Xudong Liu. Automatically Generating API Usage Patterns from Natural Language Queries. 25th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC), Nara, Japan, 2018, pp. 59-68
-Luting Ye, Hailong Sun, Xu Wang, Jiaruijue Wang. Personalized Teammate Recommendation for Crowdsourced Software Developers. ASE 2018: 808-813 (NIER TRACK)
-Haopeng Liu, Xu Wang, Guangpu Li, Shan Lu, Feng Ye, Chen Tian. FCatch: Automatically Detecting Time-of-fault Bugs in Cloud Systems. ASPLOS 2018: 419-431
-Yu Tang, Hailong Sun, Xu Wang, Xudong Liu. Achieving convergent causal consistency and high availability for cloud storage. Future Generation Comp. Syst. 74: 20-31 (2017)
-Yu Tang, Hailong Sun, Xu Wang, Xudong Liu. An efficient and highly available framework of data recency enhancement for eventually consistent data stores. Frontiers Comput. Sci. 11(1): 88-104 (2017)
-Hailong Sun, Bang Xiao, Xu Wang, Xudong Liu. Adaptive trade-off between consistency and performance in data replication. Softw., Pract. Exper. 47(6): 891-906 (2017)
-Xu Wang, Hailong Sun, Ting Deng, Jinpeng Huai. On the tradeoff of availability and consistency for quorum systems in data center networks. Computer Networks 76: 191-206 (2015)
-Minzhi Yan, Hailong Sun, Xudong Liu, Ting Deng, Xu Wang. Delivering Web service load testing as a service with a global cloud. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 27(3): 526-545 (2015)
-Hailong Sun, Xu Wang, Minzhi Yan, Yu Tang, Xudong Liu. Service4All: a scalable PaaS platform for service-oriented software. IJWGS 11(2): 229-245 (2015)
-Xu Wang, Hailong Sun, Ting Deng, Jinpeng Huai. A quantitative analysis of quorum system availability in data centers. IWQoS 2014: 99-104
-Xu Wang, Hailong Sun, Ting Deng, Jinpeng Huai. Consistency or latency? A quantitative analysis of replication systems based on replicated state machines. DSN 2013: 1-12
-Wei Yuan, Hailong Sun, Xu Wang, Xudong Liu. Towards Efficient Deployment of Cloud Applications through Dynamic Reverse Proxy Optimization. HPCC/EUC 2013: 651-658
-Minzhi Yan, Hailong Sun, Xu Wang, Xudong Liu. WS-TaaS: A Testing as a Service Platform for Web Service Load Testing. ICPADS 2012: 456-463
-Xu Wang, Hailong Sun, Ting Deng, Jinpeng Huai. Rep4WS: A Paxos Based Replication Framework for Building Consistent and Reliable Web Services. ICWS 2012: 295-302


1. Data-driven Intelligent Software Development and Maintenance, PI, Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 62072017), Period: 2021/01-2024/12
2. Cloud Technology and Platform for IoT, co-PI, Supported by National Key Research and Development Program of China (No. 2018YFB1004805), Period: 2018/05-2021/04
3. Trustworthiness Guarantee of Networked Software via Replication Techniques, PI, Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61702024), Period: 2018/01-2020/12

Professional Service

Members: CCF Member, ACM Member, IEEE Member
Conference Organization/Reviewers: ICSME 2020 Web Chair (Distinguished Service Award), KDD 19, APSCC 18/19, WAIM 16, ICPADS 14, Internetware 13/14/15, CrowdSoft 14
Journal Reviewers: ASE (Review Board), TSE, JSS, IST, Computer Networks, Frontiers of Computer Science (FCS), SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences


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